Poirot's Early Cases by Agatha Christie book PDF free download

Poirot's Early Cases by Agatha Christie book PDF free download

The unabridged tales in this Mystery Masters audiobook include all the ones in the print book first published in 1974. With each case, Poirot further proves his reputation as the greatest mind in detective fiction. In "The Plymouth Express," the body of the daughter of a wealthy American industrialist is found stuffed under a train seat. "Problem at Sea" finds a disliked rich woman murdered in a locked room on a ship. "The King of Clubs" involves a prince, his dancer fiancée, and a fiendish bit of blackmail. These gems are alternately read by David Suchet and Hugh Fraser, whose roles as, respectively, Poirot and his sidekick, Captain Hugh Hastings, in PBS's Mystery! series and the Arts and Entertainment's Poirot series are considered definitive.

This collection contains the following stories:
"The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly,"
"The Adventure of the Clapham Cook,"
"The Affair of the Victory Ball,"
"The Chocolate Box,"
"The Cornish Mystery,"
"The Double Clue,"
"Double Sin,"
"How Does Your Garden Grow?,"
"The King of Clubs,"
"The Lemesurier Inheritance,"
"Lost Mine,"
"Market Basing Mystery,"
"The Plymouth Express,"
"Problem at Sea,"
"The Submarine Plans,"
"The Third-Floor Flat,"
"The Veiled Lady,"
and "Wasps' Nest."
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