Advantage Love by Madhuri Banerjee Pdf Download

Advantage love, by the popular author Madhuri Banerjee, is the story of a girl who got her heart broken and finds herself at the crossroads of life. Trish vies to travel to the bustling, modern city of Delhi leaving her comparably small-town Lucknow behind. Looking for a new way of life and trying to make it big in the world, she is a career-oriented woman unwilling to fall in love again.

In Delhi, college life is all about student politics, in the midst of that hullabaloo she finds herself attracted to aspiring politician Vedant Kirloskar. He spins her world around with his uncanny ability to charm her. But her whirlwind romance soon comes to a staggering end and she finds herself incapable of loving another man.

As fate would have it, she meets Abhimanyu, a tennis star who takes her into the new, glittering and fancy world of celebrities and tennis. She falls in love and Abhimanyu makes her feel loved. Her happiness is short-lived and when Vedant re-enters her life, she is thrown into frenzy. She now has to make a decision, whether to protect what she has with Abhimanyu or get back with Vedant.

advantage love madhuri banerjee pdf
advantage love madhuri banerjee
advantage love by madhuri banerjee
advantage love by madhuri banerjee pdf

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