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All editions: 3.8 average rating, 4539 ratings, 121 reviews, added by 6822 people, 60 to-reads
This edition: 3.78 average rating, 4295 ratings, 110 reviews, added by 6435 people
SUMMARY OF The Predator Animorphs by K A Applegate
Marco never wanted to be an Animorph. He never wanted the ability to change into any animal he touches, he just wants to chill. Whatever happens, happens. Jake, Rachal, Cassie and Tobias know why Marco feels the way he does. He's worried about his dad, the only family Marco has left and if anything happens to him, his father will be all alone, but something is about to change Marco's mind. It seems the Yeerks have a little surprise waiting for him and it's definitely not nice. Now Marco has a reason to fight.

REVIEW OF The Predator Animorphs by K A Applegate
love the predator animorphs pdf these books since I was young and have been rebuilding my collection since I donated mine years ago. It is sad you can't get new copies of the books but I am getting used copies and treating them with a product libraries use to treat their books so they will last forever as i will probably be the only one reading them until I have kids. 

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