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The novel Ouch! That ‘Hearts’ is a love story based on long distance relationships. In a world where intimate relationships turn into long distance relationships often, the survival of intimacy between couples is questionable. What will be the probable consequences of such relationships is a question that intrigues everyones mind. This book attempts to answer this question through this captivating love story.

The plot of this story spins around the love between a couple, Kanav and Tanya, who are separated from each other due to unavoidable circumstances. Despite being apart, they are tied to each other by love and hope. But when they get a chance to meet again, whether they will be able to meet with the same vigour and passion unravels in the story. Along with love and despair, the author has also incorporated the element of humour in the story.

The novel Ouch! That ‘Hearts’ is authored by Harsh Snehanshu, and it was published by Srishti Publishers & Distributors in 2011. It is available in paperback.

Rating details

27% (128)

23% (108)

28% (131)

13% (62)

7% (33)
79% of people liked it

All editions: 3.51 average rating, 462 ratings, 16 reviews, added by 1276 people, 742 to-reads
This edition: 3.51 average rating, 461 ratings, 16 reviews, added by 1268 people

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