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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Fantastic Stories combine The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Tales of Terror by Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Mighall 

Stevenson's three stories. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", inspired by a dream by the author, is one of the cornerstones of gothic literature. The story, which tells a man who is a doctor, and a psychopathic murderer who lives two different souls in the same body, deals with the double personality problem, which is one of the main subjects of psychiatry.

Under the guise of serving science, the "Corpse Thief", which describes young surgeons who do not know the limit of money and power, is due to a real event. "Olalla", on the other hand, knits the motifs of love, mystery and exploitation together.

Stevenson's stories, believing that evil and suicide exist in the nature of man, XIX. It was shaped as the products of a period that remained indifferent to the happiness and misery of the individual in the oppressive environment of the century. These stories, reflecting the desperation of the person stuck in every corner, carry the inner uncertainties of the divided moles to the aesthetic plane.

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