Red and Wolfe (Erotic Fairy Tales part 1) by Ella James book pdf free download

Red and Wolfe (Erotic Fairy Tales part 1) by Ella James book pdf free download

Sink your teeth into three full-length, contemporary, erotic fairy tales from USA Today bestselling author Ella James.

For a limited time, get USA Today bestseller Red & Wolfe, Hansel, and Beast in a single box set. More than 700 pages and 240,000 words.

- Please note these stories were inspired by fairy tales, but are contemporary rather than fantasy. -


When Sarah "Red" Ryder loses her job as an art critic for a Boston newspaper, she's brokenhearted. Worse than that? She's broke. With no immediate family to turn to, Red reaches out to her estranged grandmother, a reclusive writer living on an island off the coast of Charleston. Several days later, Red receives $30,000 and an invitation to visit.
James Wolfe is not Red's grandmother - but he's the only person waiting for her at the boat dock. Red has something he needs. He won't take "no" for an answer, and he doesn't mind screwing her over to get it. He lost his conscience six years ago, when he went off the grid. Since then, life is about him - and the renowned oil paintings he does under the mysterious pseudonym "W."
Until the moment he sees her. Then Red is all he wants. And Wolfe will have her - thoroughly.

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