10 Hours in Seoul By Mitta Pdf Free Downbload

When Emma Lam landed in Seoul eight years ago, she never expected to fall in love, let alone falling for a cold and aloof Korean Chaebol heir.

She has now returned to Seoul on a one year assignment. With no expectations of ever seeing Ji Wook again, Emma accepted the appointment for sentimental reasons. She is at a crossroad in her young life, and is not ready to commit to Jeremy. Her heart yearns to return to the land of her first love.

Ji Wook’s faith in love is forever shaken when Hee Jin left him to pursue her musical aspirations in America. That was nine long years ago. Her unexpected return is turning his quiet, mundane bachelorhood upside down. And to complicate matters, the chance encounters with Emma Lam are making him question his own heart, his family loyalties and to defy traditions.

The ten hours he spent with Emma eight long years ago had stirred something within him. At thirty one, he never imagined himself capable of falling so deeply in love again, especially with a girl of non-Korean descent, a girl that his family would never accept and approve of. 

This short novel takes you through Emma and Ji Wook’s topsy turvy and heartrending journey towards finding love and each other.

Fate brought them together but are they destined for a fairy tale ending? Will their love survive against long standing Korean traditions and family expectations? Will Ji Wook follow through with his engagement to Hee Jin? And will Emma choose the safe and comfortable path with Paul, her mentor and best friend at UNIDO or will she fight an uphill battle against all odds for true happiness?

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