The 39 Clues - 4 Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson PDF Download

The 39 Clues Beyond the Grave PDF Download
The 39 Clues Beyond the Grave PDF covers Amy and Dan are hot on the trail of the fourth Clue, but their ruthless relatives will stop at nothing to eliminate them from the competition. Their hunt leads them to an ancient city that has been a hot bed of Cahill activity for centuries. All that stands between the siblings and the Clue is a cryptic riddle, a missing relic, and the secret of their grandmother's past. The clock is ticking for Amy and Dan, but can they really solve a mystery that has eluded their ancestors for generations?

In the fourth installment of this bestselling series, Amy and Dan fly to Cairo with only a pyramid shape and the word “Sakhet” to guide them. They are becoming quite the world travelers, having been to Korea, Tokyo, Venice, Austria and Paris, all in just a few short weeks. Amy, a whiz at research, has figured out that Sakhet is the Egyptian goddess with a lion’s head. A little bit of luck lands them in the hidden fortress of the Ekat branch of the Cahill family, where they learn some fascinating --- and disturbing --- history.

Amy and Dan still don’t know from which of the four branches they hail, but the more they learn about their family, the more they would rather not claim Cahill status. They do find something else in the Ekat stronghold, another piece of the puzzle that leads them deep into the dark recesses of an Egyptian tomb to look for more clues.

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