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About The Book

In a circumstance where a suave and sexy girl approaches you and says that she was your ex, what you will do? The only questions that'll revolve around your mind will be “Have we met earlier? What is her motive? What's going on?”

Neel, a wannabe writer, first met Nivirita at Jaipur Literary Festival. Even though Nivrita claims to be his ex-girlfriend, he knows nothing and can't remember a thing as he hasn't seen her before, still everything he discovers about her was luring him. This further loosens the ambiguity she characterizes. As he comes too close to her, he starts feeling guilty as he is already committed in a lifelong relationship with a girl named Titiksha.

As the story moves further, Nivrita binds Neel with her through a tempting proposal that was accepted by him. Later on, his life gradually starts to twirl and lose control while his love, Titiksha begins to turn in to an unfamiliar person.

The author brings forward a new enthralling masterpiece wrapped within its deep core. With its never ending thrill, EX...A Twisted Love Story is scripted to make you fall into suprises.

The book EX...A Twisted love Story was published by Random House India in 2013. The book is available in Paperback.

Key Features

From the start, the book carries a weird sensation of curiosity, fear and thrill.
The story is filled with complicacies and unexpectedness. Whenever a conclusion is about to come, a new twist alters the whole perception of the story.
The book keeps every feeling of humanity in a strong suspense form. This book is made to get you high, touch your soul and make you week.

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